Hardwood and softwood timber decking

What is Timber Decking?

Now that you have fully decided on transforming your boring outdoor space into a beautiful deck, Stockport Decking Builders has you backed up. We provide decking supplies, and install timber decking within your budget and personal choices. Our clients prefer wooden timber decks for the rustic effect it gives off.

You can choose among several varieties of treated softwood or hardwood timber. Ultimately, the choice of wood has an effect on the finish. It is for this reason that we always have a deck builder on call for you.

The shape of your outdoor space, the materials needed, and the quality of work play huge roles in decking installation. We only use quality graded timber for your decking projects.

Timber decking gives off this warm, classic feel to your patio or garden, and this can be achieved by using quality timber materials paired with our exceptional skills at handling the material. These are what set us apart from other deck builders.

There are other material options that you can choose to elevate your plain garden or patio into a more inviting outdoor space. Here are some:

Softwood Decking Boards

Softwood is the right option if you are planning to build decks as an extension for your child’s play area or as a gathering deck. Our professionals can help you come up with a design that can house all the features in your checklist.

The softwood timbers are pre-treated to provide a more functional decking. There are also different styles of softwood you can choose from to better suit your preferences. Among the decking materials, softwood decking is the least expensive choice, and it can last really long when treated correctly. To make our clients feel confident about choosing softwood, our materials are backed up with warranties covering more than 15 years.

Stockport Decking Builders makes use of softwood decking boards that are made compatible with Q-Grip Strips or slip-resistant inserts. Because these woods are from trees that grow fast, they are environmentally friendly.

To better enlighten you with softwoods, it is important to know that even if they are durable and could withstand harsh weather conditions, it is not any better than hardwood’s durability. Also, softwood requires more maintenance and care.

Hardwood Decking Boards

Hardwood decking offers beauty and high durability mainly because it is made from slow-growing trees with harder core and exterior. It also comes in different colours and finishes which makes it versatile for your decking preferences. Also, it is more expensive than softwood, but hardwood ages like wine – it gets better as it ages.

To say the least, you can always trust hardwood timber as your decking material. Invest in hardwood with Stockport Decking Builders. Our materials only come from sustainable sources. With this, you can guarantee that it can resist decay and withstand heavy traffic. Our deck builders are here to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly.

What’s good about using hardwood is that it has multiple design options. It goes well with almost any design, be it timeless or modern, it will always yield the best results. To preserve the beauty of hardwood for years, regular maintenance is needed.


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