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When it comes to timber decking or composite decking, Stockport Decking Builders is the place to go. We pride ourselves with our top-quality decking supplies and materials that cater both commercial and residential projects. We aim to continually improve our craft and better our services.

Elevating or transforming your outdoors may be a tough decision on your end as it involves a lot of factors to be considered, and one of which is the cost. We know that people have varying decking needs with limited finances, and it is for this reason that we value our customers’ money. Our services are custom-made so that we can still achieve your dream outdoor area without trampling on your budget.


Our installations include timber decking and composite decking. The installation process is as crucial as choosing the right decking material, and with our quality services, you can be assured that it is done in accordance to the standards of the industry.

The summer months usually make it hot for us to stay indoors, and with the right decking option, you can make your outdoor space an extension of your living room. Leave this problem to us, because Stockport Decking Builders provides the most durable decking materials. Also, choosing the right decking material can boost your home’s value.

Hiring experts for decking construction is the smartest and safest choice. You must remember that the decking material you choose and the proper installation can greatly impact your home today and in the years to come. This, in turn, can save you from unnecessary costs in maintenance and repair. Here are reasons to consider why you need to hire us:

● Our services are according to industry standards – we make sure that our services are done right as dictated by industry standards. This means that we consider not only the needs of our clients, but also their safety.

● We create functional designs – most often, our clients already have designs for us, but we can help them make changes to make it better.

● We use durable materials – the quality of materials will determine how long it will stand harsh outdoor conditions. In our company, we only choose the best materials for our clients.

● There are no hidden fees – we charge no hidden fees in installing and in maintaining your decks. We are always transparent to our clients when it comes to the costs and other expenses.

● You can save money – if you choose us, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary maintenance and repair costs because our materials have superior durability.

Our team of certified deck builders are more than willing to help build your dream outdoor space. Today is the day to make your designs come to life, call us now for a free no obligation estimate.


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